Project Sprink

Logo creation, Corporate Identity, Packaging design
Year: 2017

Sprink Sprink


SPRINK is made-to-measue brand idenity for company produces drinks from natural ingredients, especially from yuzu fruit. Company has other activities too, so task was to prepare brad which can cover up all activities.

Inspiration for this logo was combination of KOI fish (symbol meaning: prosperity, happiness, success) BIRCH leaf (symbol meaning: rejuvenation, youth, fresh start) and symbol of circle ( Integrity, unity, revolution, perfection etc.)

Sprink Sprink Sprink


Special part of design “story” was to create label for brand-new detoxication drink SPRINK. Goal was that can can not be similar to energy drinks. We asked why?

Because SPRINK is not energy drink but with high probability will be on shelf in markets together with them.

We prepared design not similiar to any energy drink with nice green colours to support “detoxication” aspect of drink.

Sprink Sprink Sprink Sprink Sprink Sprink